Questions about Albania


Why is Albania so popular?

Untouched nature, sandy beaches on the Adriatic, lakes and steep mountains : Albania is a diverse country. The small state on the Balkan Peninsula is increasingly attracting visitors. Tourism here is still young; travel was banned for decades under the communist regime

What is so special about Albania?

Albania is a rugged beauty: breathtaking mountain landscapes and natural parks, culturally rich cities with archaeological excavation sites and an approximately 360 kilometer long coastal strip along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas characterize the southeastern European country.

What kind of people are Albanians?

Albanians (Albanian Shqiptarët) are an ethnic group whose members live primarily in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula . They speak Albanian, which is one of the Indo-European languages.

Which country owns Albania?

Until 1990, Albania was a communist country that was completely isolated from developments in Europe. Today Albania is a parliamentary republic and elections take place regularly. Albania has been a member of NATO since 2009 and has been a candidate country for accession to the European Union since 2014 .

How are women treated in Albania?

What do you have to consider as a tourist in Albania?

Is Albania recommended as a holiday destination?

Albania is on only a few tourists’ wish lists for their next vacation – and wrongly so. The small Balkan country has fantastic coastlines and untouched beaches along the Ionian and Adriatic Seas, offering perfect conditions for a relaxing beach holiday.

Is it expensive in Albania?

Pocket money. When it comes to food and drinks, Albania is one of the cheapest countries in Europe . A coffee costs around €0.60, a pint of beer in the city costs around €2 and you can get a full lunch for €6 and dinner for €10.

What is the best time to travel to Albania?

The best time to travel to Albania is from May to October , when temperatures are usually pleasantly warm and there is little rainfall.

What are Albanians so proud of?

Religious tolerance determines the everyday life of Albanians, who are proud of the harmony that exists between the followers of the religions . Religious pragmatism, a defining characteristic of Albanian society, has led to numerous interfaith marriages over the centuries.

Why are there so many Albanians in Switzerland?

Many people from the Balkans fled and sought refuge in Switzerland , including Albanians from Kosovo. At that time , Switzerland had developed a new migration policy that made it difficult for immigrants from Yugoslavia to obtain work and residence permits.

How are Albanians in love?

Overall, Albanians value loyalty, respect, family orientation, responsibility and romance in a relationship . Both partners are expected to support each other and solve their problems together.

What is typical Albanian food?

main courses

  • Oshmare Korce.
  • Sarma/Dollma, stuffed vine or cabbage leaves.
  • Patëllxhane të mbushura, stuffed eggplant.
  • Fërgesë Tirane, also as a variant with pieces of meat and liver.
  • Byrek, usually with spinach and/or sheep’s cheese.
  • Flia, pastries made from dough with a cream filling.

Why should you go to Albania?

Albania is considered an insider tip. Numerous new, modern hotels have been built in recent years, particularly on the beautiful beaches along the coast. And nature lovers and hikers are increasingly discovering the pristine mountain regions in the hinterland. A lot was also invested in the infrastructure.

What kind of religion does Albania have?

Around 2.8 million people live in Albania. About 57 percent of them identify as Muslims; around 17 percent as Orthodox and Catholic Christians . The practice of religion was forbidden under communism; the ban was only lifted after the fall of communism in 1990.

Is Albania a rich or poor country?

Despite all the progress, Albania is still one of the poorer countries in Europe and has to struggle primarily with organized crime, corruption and nepotism.

What do Albanians find attractive?

Traditionally , long hair is considered very attractive, and many women wear their hair in long curls or braids. A high forehead is also considered a beauty feature.

Why do they say Kosovo Albanians?

Why are there so many expensive cars in Albania?

Albanians prefer cars from German manufacturers , especially Mercedes. These are not only a status symbol but are also valued for their durability, reliability and suspension as the vehicles are exposed to many potholes and unpaved roads.

How should you dress as a woman in Albania?

For Albania you generally need the same clothing as in the rest of Europe. During the summer months, light, easily washable, breathable summer clothing; For stays in the mountains also woolen clothes (nights are cool). Otherwise, you should also bring warmer clothing depending on the time of year.

Can you travel to Albania with Swiss ID?

Swiss identity card or Swiss passport, valid until at least 3 months after the date of entry. No visa is required for stays of up to 90 days . the ticket/ticket for the return or onward journey and valid documents for continuing the journey to the next country.

Can you pay with the euro in Albania?

The local currency is the Albanian Lek (ALL). Cash payments in ALL are common, EUR are rarely accepted . Card payments are rather the exception. Obtaining cash in local currency is usually possible without any problems at ATMs at various banking institutions in larger cities.

Why is Albania so popular?

Where is the most beautiful place by the sea in Albania?

Livadhi Beach, which, like Jala and Gjipe Beach, is also located in Himarë, is one of the most natural and beautiful beaches in Albania . It is only about five minutes by car from the city center and, in addition to its good location, also scores points with affordable prices in the surrounding restaurants.

How much does a pizza cost in Albania?

You can get espresso for 50-80 cents, pizza for 3-4 euros . You can find a cheap double room from 25 euros per night and a beer or wine in the restaurant costs around 1-2 euros.

What is the best way to travel to Albania?

What do you need to enter Albania?

For a tourist stay of up to 90 days, an identity card, passport, temporary passport or children’s passport is sufficient. The document must be valid for at least three months upon entry .

What language do they speak in Albania?

Albanian is the official language of the Republic of Albania and is spoken as a first language by over 3 million people there, with the remainder speaking Albanian as a second language. Albanian is also spoken in Kosovo (91% Albanians). In Macedonia, 25.2% of the population is Albanian.

How many days for Albania?

My recommendation: 14 days are perfect to see a lot during the Albania road trip . If you are in the country for the first time, it is best to concentrate on the south with Berat, Gjirokastra and the Albanian Riviera.

How warm is the sea in Albania?

How many degrees are in Albania in summer?

This means that in the summer months the temperature can reach over 30 degrees Celsius and sometimes even up to 40 degrees Celsius . A cooling breeze often blows in from the sea. Due to the structure of the country between the sea and the mountains, it can rain a lot, especially from October onwards.

Are Albanians strictly religious?

57 percent describe themselves as Muslims, two percent are Alevi Bektashi, and 17 percent are Orthodox and Catholic Christians. The small houses of worship with their modest minarets are drowned in the sea of ​​houses in the Albanian capital.

What is so typically Albanian?

  • What is typical of Albania :
  • Women dressing up as men. The photograph shows a “burrnesha” at the beginning of the 20th…
  • One of many bunkers is this one in the Albanian Alps in Valbona. 

What do you call an Albanian?

As in German, the term Skipetaren is also adopted in other languages ​​as a synonym for the Albanians. “Arbëresh” (Tosk) or “Arbër”/“Arbën” (Gegish) were the self-designations of the Albanians in the Middle Ages, which became uncommon during the Ottoman period.

Where do most Albanians live in the world?

There are currently around 3-4 million Albanians living abroad, including almost 2 million in Kosovo, around 0.5 million in Macedonia, smaller groups in Montenegro, southern Serbia, Greece, southern Italy, the USA and Australia.

What kind of race are Albanians?

Are Albanians romantic?

Romance: Albanians are often very romantic and like to show their affection and love through small gestures such as flowers or romantic dates.

What do Albanians say?

What do Albanians like to drink?

What do you have to consider as a tourist in Albania?

In the summer months, bush and forest fires occur again and again in Albania due to the climatic conditions, and severe flooding must be expected during heavy rains.

  • Pay attention to reports in the media.
  • Always observe prohibitions, signs and warnings from local authorities.

Is it expensive in Albania?

Which stars come from Albania?

What are Albanians called in the past?

The Albanians , formerly also called Albanese (self-designation Shqiptarë, German Skipetaren, folk etymology: “sons of eagles”), are Indo-Europeans. The ancestors of the people who emerged in the Middle Ages are members of the ancient, only partially Romanized population of southeastern Europe.